The Black Rain Clan

Written by Roman
At 13:58 on April 5th

From today, on, I changed my nickname back to Roman_Gvardia. This DOES NOT mean I am not leader anymore, because I am. Nobody else are allowed to be tagless, if you don't have tag- you are out.

From this moment on, ANY RULEBREAKING will panish with WARNINGS or even KICKS! Clan applyed for ARGONATH OFFICIAL CLANS. I DO NOT... Click to continue reading (BRC FORUM NEWS)

- Roman_Gvardia

Thats cool!
Written by Lankis
At 13:43 on March 28th
I really like it!

Well, I haven't been in the game for a long time. I don't really feel like playing now, but I still using forum and helping the clan. I see how the clan grows up every time I join game. Many members still don't know me, but thats not a problem. As soon as I arrive to home I will call Roman and we will orgonize a big meeting with whole clan.

For those who don't know me - I am the BRC vise-leader, I joined Argonath 4 months ago, but still I am Roman's IRL friend, so that was kind of now honest to get such position, before you all who trying to deserve it for much more time. I already proved myself as a helpful leader and I still getting skills.

- [BRC]lankis

The News
Written by Roman
At 11:31 on March 15th
Not so wonderful

Yesterday, March 14th, 2010, [BRC]Dan_GurkovT was was promoted to the [BRC] commander, congratulations, Dan!! The Clan is proud of you, since you are able to RP good. Of course we had a couple problems with you, not following orders from other leaders, reports :P, but you approved you since that time, once more - good luck and stay cool.

And not so nice news - [BRC]Al_None was removed from administration position, also he was asked to leave the clan due to specific problems and hundreds reported from argonath players, by showing his lack of Roleplay and deathmatching, aslo revenge killing. He showed his terrible behavior being a leader of the clan, that is why he got removed.
Al, you are still able to reapply and show your best, if you think we were not right.
- Roman.

The News
Written by Roman
At 13:52 on March 7th
Good news!

One day ago the Black Rain Clal's website was hacked by somebody, instead of our website users could just see flame toward the clan and bad picture. Administration of the website provider has been contacted, new password recieved, new security systems installed. No more haking on our website.

We always copying our databases, with every site refreshing, so we won't loose any nformation.
- Roman.

The News
Written by Roman
At 12:55 on March 4th
Welcome to the Black Rain Clan Website!

The Website is STILL under construction

Finally we have our website done. We ve asked Argonathians for a help, but nobody made the website we wanted to. So I made it myself. We borrowed the backround from Argonath Website website.

If you are a moderator/administrator of the Black Rain Clan Forum and you want to have same rights on the clan website, send a message to Roman on forums, so I will explain how to use moderate the website and pages.

We still need your help to design the website. The Black Rain Clan disigner team gives official reward to [BRC]SergGvardia for an awesome backround for the website.
Thank you for support,
Founder of the [BRC]

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